Carico’s Ultra Tech Water Filtration System

From the most common bacteria that we fear every day to the chemicals we perhaps don’t even know about, innumerable impurities contaminate the names of the water we drink.

There are water purifiers that filter out water contaminants, and then there are advanced water filtration systems that ensure the water that reaches you is close to a 100% contaminant-free and safe for drinking. The latter is obviously the need of today.

Following is a detailed review of the ultra-tech water filtration system by Carico, a leading brand in the purification segment.

About The Product

Everything is superlative about the ultra-tech water filtration system by Carico. The most advanced levels of filtration engineering combined with the most innovative technologies, like integrating the strongest carbon absorbent known to man in its system, make this product the best in the market.

USP Of Carico’s Ultra Tech Water Treatment & Filter

This water filtration system by Carico is carefully constructed to surpass the best ones in the segment. It sure has several features to boast about, but before we explore them, let’s learn about the show stealer for the product, its Unparalleled  Full Spectrum Cartridges.

Carico promises a water treatment and filtration that fulfills international quality and performance standards like the ANSI, NSF, TUV, ISO, and WRAC through this system.

This water filtration system is certified by various labs and organizations that back Carico’s claim that it removes about 99.7% of all kinds of particles, bacteria, and unnatural elements. Finally, the product manufacturers also guarantee that no brand in this segment can match up to the ceramics standards of Carico’s ultra-tech filtration system.

Key Features Of The Product

This water filtration by Carico is composed of some of the most efficient media filters and purification technologies. These primarily constitute of the following:

  • KDF® Process Media
    This all-in-one media filter looks after you and the environment by being 100% recyclable, chemical-free as well as cost-effective. It is basically an extremely pure copper-zinc formulation that targets everything from metals to microorganisms in the water.
  • Garnet Filter Media
    This abrasive, granulate, silicate-based media filter forms the support bed of this filtration system.
  • Coconut Shell Granulated Activated Carbon
    The filtration carbon block is made from coconut shells, which are steam activated to easily absorb thousands of chemicals. This variant of carbon blacks displays a higher contaminant removal ratio and is thus more efficient than regular GACs.
  • Magnetic Water Treatment
    This feature is used to make the hard water soft by attacking and attracting the minerals. A strong magnetic field is used in this filter to encourage minerals to precipitate, leaving the water softer and easier on the skin.
  • 0.2 Sub Micron Silver Impregnated Ceramic

This NSF certified ceramic creates a barrier between particles that are up to 50 times smaller than a single strand of your hair. This includes trapping dangerous bacteria like the e-Coli and salmonella that are common sources of diseases that go undetected in water.

Pros and Cons: Make A Wise Buying Decision


To further help you zero in on the benefits that you would like to have in your water filtration system and the ones you would rather not, have a look at our comparative list of pros and cons.

It is loaded with additional features like backwashing and bypass that help in enhancing the durability of the product.

It contains Engelhard lead removal media to get rid of elements in the likes of lead with precision.

It inhibits the growth of bacteria in water.

It requires little to no maintenance.

The elaborate water filtration system is costlier than regular at-source water purifiers.


Cartridges need to be handled with care. Damage can cause bursting and water leakage.

Requires delicate handling when cleaning and washing.

Final Statement

Carico’s ultra-tech water filtration system is the ultimate winner. Right from the design, certifications, registrations to the technologies used, you’ll have a hard time finding a reputable brand that beats this package.

Moreover, this award-winning product can help you forget that water worries exist and can take care of even the nastiest contaminant there is.

According to your water consumption and requirements, this product is available in a series of one and two carbon blocks. For greater performance expectations, you should check out the 20”, 15” SC series with two carbon blocks that are undefeatable in terms of contaminant removal ratio, quality standards, and even the volume output of purified water.

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