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Ultra Tech Clean Machine

Our vacuum steamer cleaner uses innovative technology to assist you in complete home sanitizing. It will be fast and effortless to keep your home free of microbial and other pollutants. You can clean every surface with this machine, removing dust, oil, and invisible particles from the most intricate places.

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Dimensions: 19” x 13” x 13”
Weight: 22 lbs
Power Source: 120v/220v
Motor power: 1100 w
Boiler power: 2800w/ 2100w*
Pressure: 79 psi (5.5 bar)
Max temperature: 318 F
Water tank capacity: 0.2 gallons
Bin capacity: 0.3 gallons
Vacuum water lift: 98.4 in H2O
Vac air flow rate: 53cfm
Range of action: 23.0 Ft
Activation time: 2 /3* min
Steam production: 90g/80g* min
*(120v version)
Filtering system: H.E.P.A. filter & Rain System™
Aditional Features: Automatic boiler charging system.
Manual steam flow adjustment.
Designed in Italy.
Manufactured in the Unites States.
Accessories: Included.

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Advantages of the Ultra Tech Clean Machine

Multipurpose machine:

Highly efficient water filtration
vacuum with 3 settings

Dry vapor steam cleaner

Sanitizing system


Adjustable to any surface:

20+ interchangeable accessories to sanitize:
Floors and windows.
Kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles.
Floors and sinks.
Kids rooms and toys.
Pet toys and beds.
Furniture, carpets and more.


Sanitizing your home without any
chemical products.

Deep disinfection:

Kills and removes 99,9% of germs (bacteria,
viruses, and fungi with dry steam).

Extra Advantages


Ergonomically designed handle for easy control in both the right and left hand.


Continuous refill boiler helps to keep the same pressure and temperature with 0% pressure loss.


Safety handle with integrated steam jet and vacuum control.


Removes hard to eliminate spots and stains such as red wine.


Patented steering and wheel assembly to allow easy movement of the unit while using the hose.


Patented Rain Silver System ™. Two silver rings create a sterile environment, which mean 0 growth of microbes in the water tank.


Equipped with an Innovative Descaling System™.


Compact design allows for excellent mobility.

How it works

  • Ultra Tech Clean Machine removes and kills all microbial contaminants (bacteria, viruses, and fungi). It also eliminates dust, animal and human hair, and other debris.
  • Patented Intelligent Boiler Technology (IBT):
  • Heats faster, maintains pressure, uses less electricity, provides the hottest steam in the industry to eliminate all microbial contaminants.
  • There is an attachment for any cleaning job. This device loosens the dirt and absorbs it in one step, extracting both solids and liquids, leaving the surface clean and dry.
  • The dry vapor steam cleaner and disinfectant helps to clean almost all surface types. You can wash walls, windows, kitchen counters and appliances — removing oil and other unwanted residues.
  • You will sanitize the bathroom effortlessly in minutes and without any chemical products — an excellent advantage of this article.
  • Finally the aromatherapy with organic essential oils free of parabens and other toxic ingredients.

How to use it

  • Instructions
  • Care and maintenance
  • Attachments and the Ultra Tech Clean Machine can be periodically wiped down to remove any debris that may be on the exterior or sucked into the bristles. Check for signs of wear and replace attachments as needed.
  • It is also recommended that you drain the water tank between uses and empty the bin frequently.

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Free home installation

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2 Warranties in 1

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Flexible financing options

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