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Point of Use Water Filter

Our water purification systems use state-of-the-art technology to provide pure and healthy water for drinking and cooking. They also help to reduce your environmental footprint by using less plastic.

  • Characteristics:
  • Delivery:
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  • Surgical stainless steel


  • Countertop water filter system: Ceramic cartrigdes. Under sink water filter system: Ceramic cartridges.
Available sizes: 10” 15” 20”
Purification: 2 stages 3 stages 3 stages
Purifies for: 18 months 24 months 36 months
Capacity: 1000 gallons 1500 gallons 2000 gallons

Aditional Features:

  • NSF/ANSI Certified.
    Full spectrum cartridge technology.
    High-capacity long-lasting cartridges.
    Manufactured in The United States.

Shipping terms:

  • Shipping to the US and Canada takes between 3-5 days. Shipping to other places might take from 7-21 days, depending on destination.

Delivery address:

  • You need to provide a delivery address where someone should sign for the package. We do not deliver to PO Boxes.

Shipping countries:

  • You can contact us if you are interested in one of our products, and your location is not listed below. We might arrange the shipping through any international shipping services.
  • Shipping countries:
  • • The United States
  • • Canada
  • • Puerto Rico
  • Obtain Lifetime Hazard Warranty plus Limited-Time Warranty by product category. See our warranties for more details.

How to purchase

Fill the contact form

Fill the contact form

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Call us or request a callback

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Send us an email

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Advantages of Point of Use Water Filter System


Money saver


Long lifespan




High protection


Simple to use and low maintenance


Perfect pH balance


Optimal mineral concentration

How does it work?


Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 1:

  • The certified 0.2 submicron silver impregnated ceramic removes 99.9% of pathogenic protozoa and bacteria including:
    100% of Cryptosporidium
    100% Giardia lamblia, including the cysts
    99% Escherichia coli
    99% Salmonella
  • Additionally, it stops any particle 500 times smaller than a human hair.

Stage 2:

  • Custom-blended inner core of activated carbon block and advanced resins remove and reduce all the following compounds:
    100% Bad taste, odor, and color
    99% Pesticides and herbicides (including glyphosate)
    99% Chloride, chloramine, and chloroform
    99% Trihalomethanes (THMs)
    99% Lead and 98% of other heavy metals including сadmium
    96.2% Mercury
    98% Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    92% Fluoride, Sulfites and Nitrates]
    92% Arsenic
    92% of MTBE and BTEX (petroleum and crude oil byproducts)

Stage 3:

  • A unique compressed coconut carbon designed to remove any possible remaining contaminants and extend the life of the unit.

Health benefits of filtered tap water

Weight control

A study published in The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Vol 29, Issue 5) shows that drinking plain tap water is healthier than consuming other beverages and can decrease one’s calorie intake by 68-205 calories per day, resulting in weight loss and preventing obesity.

Prevention of hormonal disruption

Atrazine is a herbicide detected in the unfiltered tap water of nearly 30 million American homes. Studies show that pregnant women who drink water contaminated with atrazine run a higher risk of having premature and low birth-weight babies.

Reduced risk of drinking demineralized water

Adequate magnesium levels in the water decrease the risks of cardiovascular diseases, especially for sudden death. Low magnesium levels are associated with a higher risk of motor neuron disease and pregnancy disorders (preeclampsia).

Reduced fluoride exposure

It is a popular belief that adding fluoride to municipal water helps the prevention of cavities. However, a Harvard study shows that there is no evidence for this belief, but fluoride potentially alters bone structure, weakens the skeleton, and is toxic to brain cells.

Reduced exposure to cancer-causing contaminants

Filtered tap water contains decreased levels of chemicals such as arsenic, radon and uranium, fertilizers, pesticides and chloride, which are all carcinogenic substances. Continual exposure to these compounds has been associated with different types of cancer.

Reduced risk of gastrointestinal diseases

Drinking filtered water decreases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that even chloride-treated water might contain. More susceptible people are pregnant women, children, and individuals with impaired immune systems.

How to use it

  • Instructions
  • Care and maintenance
  • We recommend that you do not reinstall or removed the units. Hire an insured and certified plumber instead.
  • When the water flow rate from the filter slows, this indicates that it is time to clean the ceramic cartridge of your filter.
  • Be sure to replace your cartridge on the indicated date, depending on your model. This will guarantee that your water is clean and safe.
  • In very high sediment areas or places with higher tap water contamination (visit the EPA’s official website for more details), you may need to replace the filter more frequently.


  • Inspect all connections and tubing. Movement of the filter may cause the loosening of fittings or crimping of tubing. Turn off the water source and tighten fittings or replace damaged tubing.

Unsatisfactory water flow:

  • Normal water flow is approximately one-half-gallon per minute. If the flow does not improve after cleaning, this may indicate that the cartridge needs replacement.

Burst tubing:

  • Usually caused by hot water. Our warranty terms offer a replacement at any time for 50% of the original price.

Diverter valve pin/Lever sticks:

  • Disconnect diverter valve assembly from the faucet and soak overnight in white vinegar. This will remove the calcium buildup inside the assembly. See warranty terms in case you need a replacement.

None of the above:

  • Contact us or contact Carico’s Consumer Service Department.

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What you get with every purchase?

Free home installation

Free home installation

We will send one of Carico’s specialists to install your purchases for free (Florida only).

2 Warranties in 1

2 Warranties in 1

Obtain Lifetime Hazard Warranty plus Limited-Time Warranty by product category.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Receive your products in 3-5 days after your purchase (in the United States and Canada).

Flexible financing options

Flexible financing options

Affordable payment options with low annual percentage rates (APR) and monthly instalments.

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Please leave us a message and we will contact you soon.

Please leave us a message and we will contact you soon.

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