Why don’t we talk more about earthing grounding? Do you know this technology has helped countless people use fewer pain killers, reduce physical therapy costs, and live a less invalidating life?

We had known the potentials of earthing grounding for decades, and there is extensive research to support its benefits. Initially, only doctors in Environmental and Preventive Medicine were the most enthusiastic. However, now we see more and more clinicians suggesting grounding technology on their patients.

What is earthing grounding?

Earthing grounding means connecting your body to the Earth’s surface and electric charge.

This process might change your body’s bioelectrical function to a more balanced stage by transferring electrons from the Earth to the body.

How can we ground?

As people get disconnected from mother nature, which starts from using synthetic soled shoes, we lost grounding’s unique benefits.

However, you can experience the effects of grounding by walking barefoot or as you lay down somewhere on the beach. When the Earth’s electric currents cross your body, they might adjust your internal electric charge allowing you to release energy.

This process assists in stabilizing our cells. Cells, as you know, are the core functioning unit of every organ. In short, healthy cells mean healthy bodies. Therefore, grounding has gained prominence in battling free radicals since we know they are responsible for a group of chronic conditions.

Where do free radicals come from?

Normal metabolic processes generate free radicals. For instance, mitochondria (organelles responsible for cellular respiration) creates free radicals that are accrued continuously within the cells and impair them.

Free radicals are unstable. Therefore, the electrons attempt to link them to decrease the chances of injury. That is why antioxidants are so popular. Antioxidants join free radicals and mitigate their damaging capacity in different tissues.

Sometimes, free radicals’ saturation surpasses the body’s capacity to counterattack them, and people fall ill.

Here is where earthing grounding technologies come into place. They can restore your body’s inner balance by reverting the process known as Electron Deficiency, which has been linked to several chronic illnesses.

What is Electron Deficiency Syndrome, and how Electric Nutrition can help us?

Electron deficiency is a term that refers to atoms containing fewer bonding electrons than what they need for stability. As atoms are the basic units of molecules, they might cause some medical problems within the body when they become unstable.

Electric Nutrition refers to the process of “feed your body” with electrons when you might be experiencing an electron deficiency. Earthing grounding is the best option, in this case, to neutralize free radicals, subsequently decreasing oxidative stress.

Today, nobody denies the adverse effects of oxidative stress and its role in chronic inflammation. They might lead to developing many chronic ailments, including:

– Cancer,

– Type 2 diabetes,

– Autoimmune diseases,

– Kidney ailments,

– A faster-aging process,

– Cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and respiratory diseases.

How are related aging and inflammation?

Oxidative stress plays a crucial role in the aging process. It causes inflammation, which harms the cells and DNA, contributing to the immunosenescence (aging of the immune system). Cancer is connected to cellular aging. An old immune system is less effective in destroying tumoral cells resulting from DNA mutations, allowing these abnormal cells to grow.

Can grounding help to reduce inflammation?

Inflammation is usually the response to trauma or infection. It helps separate the compromised or harmful tissue from the healthy organs until the immune cells remove the pathogen, damaged cells, and debris. Inflammation creates a physical barrier that prevents other bacteria or pathogens from harming healthy tissues.

Unfortunately, at the same time, this barrier is also impermeable to circulating antibiotics and antioxidants, slowing the healing response and averting cells of the connective tissue from entering the region that needs repair. This interaction between oxidative stress and inflammation creates a cycle that persists over time and leads to the development of silent inflammation that is difficult to detect and treat.

The anti-inflammatory drugs we often prescribe to relieve the pain are negligent to oxidative stress. You might feel they alleviate your symptoms, but the subclinical inflammation persists.

Does earthing grounding reach the damaged tissues?

Grounding combat inflammation, trespassing the inflammatory barricade, and penetrating the tissues that need to be repaired.

The answer is collagen, the main structural protein in the human body and an essential connective tissue component. Collagen is a semiconductor and provides electron conductance. This conductance allows electrons to travel through collagen, pass the inflammatory barrier and act where they are needed, healing the tissues exposed to chronic inflammation.

That property becomes extremely useful and superior to anti-inflammatory drugs since you are not introducing a chemical into your bloodstream.

What are the benefits of combating free radicals and inflammation?

Free radicals can cause several acute and chronic illnesses. Controlling them decreases your risk of developing cancer, autoimmune diseases, dementia, and other neurodegenerative disorders. If you suffer from diabetes mellitus, you can also slow the progression of peripheral neuropathy and heal wounds and ulcers in the feet, which are a severe problem for this group of patients.

Some other medical applications of earthing grounding

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study where researchers used earthing to decrease blood viscosity in patients with increased risk for coronary diseases and stroke. They saw that earthing could transform the zeta potential (the negatively charged gap between red blood cells). Downsizing this gap could reduce blood viscosity.

Blood viscosity has a prominent role in cardiovascular diseases. Thicker blood circulates with more difficulty for the blood vessels, and it can obstruct different levels.

That’s the principle of anticoagulant drugs like aspirin. They make the blood more liquid to allow better circulation through the blood vessels. Researchers of this study claimed that earthing grounding is a harmless alternative to medication like statins with many side effects. It reduces cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.

The effect of earthing in the nervous system?

Earthing generates immediate changes in electroencephalography, surface electromyography, and somatosensory evocated potentials, influencing the brain and nervous system’s electrical activity. Therefore, earthing grounding is beneficial for patients who suffer from neuromuscular problems.

Many people living with muscular dystrophies, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, and related medical conditions might have a better lifestyle, reduce their pain, and improve mobility while using grounding.

For how long should you be using grounding?

Grounding can be used for a lifetime and proves more beneficial over time.

Additionally, the length of time and degree of grounding is an essential and usually overlooked factor influencing studies on inflammation, wound healing, and tumorigenesis.

Additionally, earthing is a harmless therapy, and it can be applied for hours. Suppose you use a mattress or mat with grounding technology to sleep. In that case, you will be receiving this imperceptible flow of electrons that are continually repairing your tissues throughout the night.

If I am healthy, can I still use grounding?

It is gainful for all people. Grounding healing attributes make it ideal for preventing various diseases while reducing stress and improving your mood.

Earthing grounding may not be a panacea for all the ailments. Still, it might substantially alleviate many people living in pain or with chronic conditions.

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